Reaching for Food Instead of Tissues

I know that everyone handles loss differently and that everyone grieves in his or her own way. I just wish that my grief didn’t have to involve so many calories. For those of you that read my previous blog post then you know that I suffered a miscarriage a couple of months ago. Not an uncommon thing in life I’ve been told but still I’m not going to lie it continues to affect me on a daily basis.

I am so grateful to everyone of you that reached out to me after I posted about what happened. I can’t imagine how so many women carry the burden of going through this alone.

In the days and weeks that followed my blog post life seemed to go on around me. Friends and women I knew were announcing that they were pregnant and in some cases due the same month that I was. I’m not going to lie it hurt. A lot. I continue to talk about how I’m feeling with my amazing friends and it helps. I’m continuing to work out per usual and that helps too. But I’m also continuing to have those moments where I forget and then I remember what happened and I start crying and then it feels like I will be carrying this grief with me for the rest of my life. And instead of reaching for the Kleenex it seems that I have fallen on old habits with food and that is adding insult to injury.

I want to continue being healthy for myself, my husband, and those future children I hope to have and I want to hit my fucking 100lb weight loss goal but this shit is hard. I want to wake up tomorrow stronger and ready to tackle this aspect of my life but I think I may need your help to do it. I need some new fast easy and on the go meals, snacks, etc so I don’t reach for the food that benefits me in no way. Please share any and all recipes, tips, and tricks in the comments below.

I know I can do this.



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8 comments on “Reaching for Food Instead of Tissues”

  1. Kit Graham Reply

    Oh I am so sorry love. Hang in there. Maybe try Snap Kitchen or Kitchfix for on the go meals. Sometimes putting a big bowl of healthy snacks on my counter is helpful too.

  2. Danielle Reply

    I recently picked up a book by Kelly Leveque called Body Love and it was super helpful. She has a bunch of food/non fruit smoothie recipes that really keep you full longer. Love you girl! Xoxox

  3. Ellie Reply

    I’m off the bandwagon too so I’m not going to be fake by posting healthy food that I’ve been eating. Because I haven’t. When I get my ass in gear, I’ll post. 🙂
    Love you!

  4. Kim Morton Reply

    Heidy you CAN do this.. you are not ALONE. That loss
    does stay with you. I had one on Thanksgiving, out of
    state (Indiana). It was 5 years ago. Please be gentle
    with yourself. Do not punish yourself! I know eating
    through grief quite well. I know health and exercise
    is so important to you, and you will reach that goal.
    You need to heal emotionally and physically. Go
    to a spa, do some exercise (yoga with meditation),
    or whatever makes you feel cared for. Take as much
    time as you need. It is heartbreaking and I am so sorry .
    You are in my thoughts ❤️

    • admin Reply

      Thank you Kim. And I’m so sorry for your loss. Sending you healing thoughts as well.

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