What Shred415 Means to Me

In honor of Shred415’s five year anniversary I thought it would be fitting to celebrate Bonnie Micheli and Tracy Roemer’s workout creation with a post about what this incredible class, team of instructors, and network of friends who I shred alongside has meant to me.

I first heard about Shred415 in 2011 while I was training for my first Chicago Marathon. My friend Kat told me she was obsessed with this new gym in her neighborhood that incorporated both treadmill and weightlifting intervals. I was so nervous to deviate from my training that it wasn’t until the week after the marathon that I took my first class.

I went with my friend Lori and we took Melissa Knepp’s class together. I was scared shitless but Melissa was so sweet and incredibly welcoming. She kept encouraging me over the microphone throughout class and I left wondering when I could go back next. I ended up cancelling my other gym membership a couple of weeks later and became a full time shredder.

Since then I have not only gotten to know owners Bonnie and Tracy, but Director of Trainers Mark and Jeremy, plus so many other amazing instructors that lead these empowering workouts each and every day. I have created so many friendships with my fellow shredders that walking in to class feels like a party.

Shredding during today’s five year anniversary alongside my friends including Lori who I took my very first class with meant so much to me because it confirmed the commitment we have made to ourselve’s to be healthy and live a balanced life. A balanced life that includes hard work, laughs, and yes a little ok a lot of sweat.

Anyone that shreds knows this mantra “you are stronger than you think you are”. I know that every time I walk out of class I am stronger and more confident than when I walked in. I continue to come back week after week for that reason. I’m truly thankful for what Shred415 has brought to my life and can’t wait to see where B & T open their next location. Hope to shred with you soon!


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