Wedding Ready

I had a great time at Amy and Nate’s wedding yesterday. They got married at Café Brauer in Lincoln Park which is such a special venue to get married at. Amy looked so beautiful and Nate looked very handsome in his tuxedo. I loved meeting Nate’s side of the family and his friends were a lot of fun. And of course it was great reconnecting with my husband’s side of the family.

I had planned on using Amy’s wedding as an opportunity to have the needle move a little bit more on the scale. I knew I wasn’t going to lose 30 pounds before her wedding but I did goal myself at losing 2-3 pounds leading up to yesterday’s festivities.

You may notice I didn’t end up wearing the pink dress that I had previously mentioned buying for the occasion. That’s because I ended up trying on a jumpsuit that I haven’t been able to fit into for 4 years. I had reached my mini goal for Amy’s wedding so I was curious to see if it was close to fitting. When my sister in law Monica was able to zip it up I’m not going to lie it felt really good.

Needless to say I went into last night’s festivities feeling even more excited and I was ready to celebrate Amy and Nate’s special day. I took a few pictures from the wedding and as is customary shared them on social media. So many of you took the time to like, love, and even comment on my photos and let me say that made my day.

In between the pictures and snaps it was all about those cocktails and delicious food. The passed appetizers during the cocktail hour and our sit down dinner was really good not to mention their desert options. I’m happy to report I didn’t go off the deep end and eat everything in sight but I did enjoy myself. I will say knowing that Monica and I started our day out at Flywheel helped me to relax about the indulging I did do. Not to mention DJ Megan Taylor was keeping us dancing until midnight so I would say I earned that piece of wedding cake.

I woke up today feeling great and I’m looking forward to the week ahead. I am going to a black tie event with my husband this weekend so I will be doing my best to continue getting those workouts in, eating healthy, and of course staying connected with all of you. I would love to hear from you so feel make sure to leave a comment below. Until next time!



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  1. Ellie Reply

    So hard to not go off the deep end at weddings and other events! Good for you. It’s those events that can really get you.

  2. Christina Purtell Reply

    You look absolutely amazing, Heidy. Your hard work is beyond paying off!!! Thanks for being such an inspiration to all of us 😊

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