Thoughts on a Monday

If you’re a woman chances are you’ve been complimented at least once or twice in your life. How do you typically respond to those compliments? For example if I said “you look really pretty” or “I love your top” would you say thank you or would you put up a fight before accepting the simple compliment?

As women are we hard-wired to make everything difficult including the acceptance of a compliment? Why is it so much easier to believe or even create flaws within ourselves than it is to believe that we have great qualities that others find desirable.

Between my clients and my friends I am surrounded by women that are beautiful inside and out, not to mention they have rockin’ bodies, gorgeous complexions, but if I put up a mirror to anyone of their faces it would take an hour for them to find something positive to say about their reflections.

So my mission for you (and me) this week is to stfu and take a compliment. Are you up for the challenge? Side note what’s the best compliment you’ve ever received? Leave your favorites in the comment section below. Until next time!


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