Slippery Slope

Weekends can be tough on a diet. The lack of structure and familiar routines can cause even the most dedicated person to fall off the wagon myself included. Lately I have been doing an abbreviated version of my restricted diet and because of that I have halted any hopes of losing more weight.

At this point it is not going to be possible to reach my goal of losing 100 pounds by the end of August. I understand that was a pretty challenging goal to set for myself in the first place but believe me it was attainable. But because I haven’t been as strict recently I have not seen the scale move for months now.

What bothers me the most is that I have allowed myself to indulge at some point every day during that time sometimes at multiple points throughout the day. If I could have just been real with myself and tightened up my eating habits even just a couple of days throughout the week I would have continued going the right direction in my weightloss goals.

It’s frustrating because I know exactly what I’m doing wrong because I have made the same eating mistakes my entire life. I see something I want to eat and you guessed it – I eat it. Also portion control still seems to be my cryptonite or Achilles Heel.

How can I recommit to this goal? What is it going to take to finally be a healthy weight?

I’m struggling to find the answers to these questions and yet I’m determined to keep going. I know I can do this.


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  1. Maris Reply

    If you’re like me and you love eating, portion control will always be your achilles heel. Food tastes good and the stuff we want to eat lots of isn’t filling (unless you binge eat broccoli or egg whites, which I certainly don’t!). What I can tell you is what I try to tell myself: be happy with the body you have NOW because it’s awesome, just think of the fitness milestones you’ve achieved this year. Every time I beat myself up for gaining back 5 pounds, I remember I ran two half-marathons and countless training runs, etc and you’ve run circles around that! You’re the only one who will notice that you’re at 85 lbs lost or 90 lbs lost and not 100 lbs lost, and I constantly have to remind myself that the last 5 10 or 15 lbs isn’t what is standing between me and the me that loves my body. You’re rocking it no matter what! Now, um, can I have all of your old clothes that don’t fit you? 😉

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