New Year New Beginnings

When I think about beginning a new year I think it’s important to reflect on the past before saying goodbye and moving ahead. I can’t help but think about the first two weeks of August when I found out and got to experience what it felt like to be pregnant. I got to be on vacation with my husband in one of our favorite places and while he was sipping cocktails I was reading “What to Expect” on my Kindle. It was a really nice trip. And then we came home and I was told my pregnancy had stopped progressing and I would be having a miscarriage. Needless to say the last 2 weeks of August were the worst of my life. I truly want to thank every single one of you for your support in helping me get through it. The text messages, emails, calls, and hugs (so many hugs) meant and continue to mean the world to me.

Part of the healing process for me included sharing how I was feeling, working out, and incorporating acupuncture into my weekly routine. I started acupuncture as a way to get my cycle started and get my body and my mind ready to try again. I even bought a digital ovulation kit to get a better understanding of when I would be ovulating.

In September I went on a trip to Seattle with my Mom to spend some quality time with her. It was so nice just getting to explore a new city together. While my mom and I were checking out some local shops at Pike Place Market we walked by a stand with baby clothes. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a onesie that had what I thought was a Vizsla on it but after a short conversation with the owner she said it was a Tennessee Ridgeback. I still thought it looked just like our dog Wrigley and thought I would just buy it and tuck it away for down the road. But my mom insisted that she wanted to buy it for good luck.

Well let’s just say it worked.






(Surprising Phil during our holiday card shoot in Carmel)










(The good luck onesie my Mom bought me)








A month after I said goodbye to one future I was saying hello to a new one. So now as I say goodbye to 2017 and hello to a new year I am also looking forward to welcoming Baby B in June 2018.








I’m looking forward to sharing more with everyone as the weeks and months go by but for now I’m just enjoying the moment. You can expect to continue seeing me (and my growing bump) at my favorite spots around the city – Shred415, FlyWheel/FlyBarre, and Eleven City Diner for their turkey burgers.

Let’s keep in touch in 2018!


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