Girlfriends Who Sweat Together Stay Together

Some women like to get their workout in and get out. Not looking up from their machines they’re listening to their music and focusing on the task at hand – burning calories. For others working out is more about getting out of the house, doing something for themselves, and being social. These are the women I call my friends. I am so lucky that I get to run, lift, and dance with these hot mamas.

These women have truly adopted me as one of their own. We laugh, sweat, and sometimes cry together. On the days when one of us can’t make class it is a little less fun. We cheer for each other and we encourage one another to stay on that fast pace, do that extra crunch, and hold a plank just a little bit longer.













On the days when I walk into class wishing I had just slept in each one of these women makes me snap out of it. I am better because of them. Through out this last year they have been so supportive and have told me every day how proud of me they are. It’s those words of encouragement that help me push through and stay motivated. I’ve had the opportunity to take classes with them that bring me outside of my comfort zone. I’ve even had the opportunity to take class with one of my friends when we were both in Palm Springs at the same time – talk about a fun workout date.


















I can only hope that I am to them what they are to me. They are a bright spot in my day and I can’t imagine getting through the inclines, the sprints, or dreaded burpees without them.

Love you girls!



photo credit: Jill Badlotto

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