Getting Closer

While I was in Indianapolis this weekend I decided to hop on the scale just to see where I was at weight wise. I have been doing a better job of eating more frequently during the day and have felt like I was getting faster and stronger during my workouts. I was hopeful that the scale would reflect that. But as we all know the scale doesn’t always tell us what we want to hear. Crossing my fingers I looked down at the screen and was relieved to see that I had actually hit a pretty big milestone. I am officially 175 pounds – which if you have been following along means that I have lost 75 pounds since August and have 25 pounds to go.

I am currently 75% to my goal weight but more importantly I am starting to recognize things that are making me feel more encouraged and even confident about what my body can do right now.

While I was in town I took a few spin classes at CycleBar and noticed that I was spinning a little harder and faster than my last visit. Instead of being last or even second to last on the leaderboard I was #5 in the class. As a former athlete seeing that kind of change is personally rewarding because it means that I am able to push myself and look forward to hopefully bettering my stats next visit.

Yesterday I had planned on going one last time but my class ended up getting cancelled. Even though I knew I could take the day off I didn’t want to so I texted my sister in law Monica and asked her if she would like to go for a run. Thankfully she said yes and we ran 3.1 miles (5K) in her neighborhood. I hadn’t ran outside since the Turkey Trot in November so I was a little nervous but I wanted to run with her. I quieted my nerves and put on my running shoes.

Monica naturally runs faster than me. She’s a lot thinner than me and while she doesn’t love working out she had been blessed with a natural ability especially in the cardio department. I ended up running at her pace the entire time and when we got back to her house she stopped her running app and told me that we ended up running 9:59 min/mile which is huge for me because I think the fastest 5K I’ve ever run has been 31:30 (years ago) which is about a 10:20-10:30 minute mile.

It was not that long ago that I finally beat the mile challenge at Shred415 and ran a mile in under 10 minutes but now that I was able to run 3 miles and still averaging that pace I know that I am reaching more than just a new weight milestone but I can now feel confident in my fitness abilities and not settle for just getting through classes but actually thriving. I don’t care if I run or spin faster than you and I certainly won’t mind if you can lift heavier weight than me but I do want to be faster than I was yesterday and I want to be stronger than I was last week.

The scale only measures one aspect of my success. While I want to reach my ultimate goal of losing 100 pounds I also want to continue and pay attention to these measurements as they happen. I know this last 25 pounds isn’t going to be easy to lose but I am looking forward to the challenge and of course sharing my ups and downs with you along the way. Until next time!


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