Getting Back in the Swing of Things

Coming back from vacation is hard. Coming back from vacation to face the scale is even harder. We flew back in Monday night and I waited until Tuesday morning to weigh myself. I ended up staying within one pound from what I weighed in at before I left. Considering how much fun I had while I was on vacation and the fact that I will be starting my period today (tmi?) I will take it.

Going on vacation means something different to everyone. I’ve had some friends unplug, not pick up a weight or step on a treadmill, and refuse to watch calories. One time I got a text from a friend saying she was convinced she gained ten pounds while she was on vacation because she took a vacation from all of her good habits and indulged in of her bad ones. I’ve also been that person so I 100% know how it feels.

On the flip side I have friends that do their research before they leave on vacation to find local gyms or classes that they can attend while they’re away. It is crucial to their state of mind to maintain their usual workout routine. I am currently this person.

Working out while I was away was easy to do, but as much as I wanted I couldn’t always prepare for the eating side of things. That’s where coming back from a trip – even a short one like mine can be challenging to get back to a normal routine.

First of all when we came back Monday night we didn’t have anything in our refrigerator to eat so we ended up getting delivery. We ordered from a local ramen spot so I was able to ease back into my eating routine by ordering a chicken and vegetable ramen (minus the ramen). It was super tasty even without the noodles and I went to bed feeling satisfied.

So after weighing myself Tuesday morning (and not jumping off of a cliff) I went to Mariano’s and stocked up on some healthy essentials. Then stopped by My Fit Foods for a few breakfast and lunch options for my husband and myself. I have to say these meals force you to get back on track and are super delicious. After stocking our refrigerator I got changed and headed to West Loop Athletic Club for Frank F’s spinning class. Getting that sweat session in was a great welcoming back to Chicago.

This morning was my first day back at Shred415 and even though it had been a week since I took the class I felt really good and that’s probably because I worked out four out of five days while I was away. Don’t get me wrong I still got my ass kicked but come on it’s Tracy’s class.

So now that I’ve had a couple of days to settle back into my normal routine it’s all about looking ahead at what my next mini goal should be. We have a family wedding coming up next month and I would love to hit 175-178 pounds by then. That means losing 5-8 pounds in a little less than a month. I know that I can do it but I’m going to need to really focus on eating healthy and trying some new foods that maybe I have shied away from in the past. I’d love to know your favorite recipes or must try foods that keep you in your skinny jeans. Please share them in the comments below. Until Next time!


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  1. Joan Stephans Reply

    So very proud of you for taking care of your health! Looks come second, but are a nice reward! You are an amazingly strong lady, keep up the good work. Gaining only one pound while away is a positive accomplishment and you still had fun. You are an inspiration!

  2. M Reply

    I’m glad you had a great vacation and to still indulge while being healthy. Congrats on your weigh-in, vacations are always a big set back for me. I struggle on days when I get back news (didn’t get a job I wanted, and my aunt passed), so I threw my diet to the wind and “gave myself a pass” but in the end it didn’t really make me feel better. I have been food journaling no before and after I eat about how I feel, it has been helpful to make me aware that comfort foods don’t really comfort me, but it’s still a big struggle.

    You asked if there was anything I wanted to write about and I have given a lot of thought about this. I still think you are a superhuman rockstar, much more will power than I have currently. I want to know if there has been a day that you screwed up and felt guilty and how you handled it, but it doesn’t seem like you have many of those days. Also, I’m single. I have been feeling un-datable because of how much I weigh (180) and how I feel. My normal weight has always been around 135/140 but has not been for over a year now. So I have put off dating saying I will date when I loose weight and feel good about myself. A lot of dates revolve around drinking and food. Last summer I did do a kayaking date but that isn’t always an option. And the last thing I want is my first date watching me sweat it out in a room full of skinny girls. Speaking of dates, I do have one tonight and I’m terrified he will be grossed out by me, but I”m trying. I’m in my 30s and do want to get married and kids someday and I’m not doing to loose my weight overnight.

    Again, thanks for your posts… you are a true inspiration! Congrats on all your hard work!

    • admin Reply

      Hi Marissa,

      I know we had a chance to talk the other night and a lot of what you just said is why I created this platform to share my story and your story. We’re not alone. So many people struggle with their weight and they’re just too embarrassed to talk about it. I know personally how tough it is to date when you’re not feeling at your best but that’s not going to change overnight. It will change if you start making realistic expectations, being kind to yourself, and you know what going on that date because regardless of your weight you are gorgeous and smart and funny and it would be a shame for him to not get to enjoy a night meeting you. Thank you for the great ideas on future posts. Keep them coming!

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