Fitting In… to that Dress

We all have that one item in our closet that we’re hoping to fit into one day. The skinny jeans that haven’t fit since college or the dress that you bought a size smaller hoping it would give you an incentive to lose those extra 10 pounds. You’re not alone.

I bought a dress a few months ago in my normal size that ran small, really small, but instead of returning it I kept it for down the road when I could eventually wear it. I’ve tried it on a few times since I bought it and every time it felt a little less snug. The most recent try on was last month but I still felt like it was a little tight. So while I didn’t expect a lot from today’s try on I was hoping (with fingers crossed) that I could finally wear this damn dress and not feel like if I sat down the seams would explode (hello wardrobe malfunction). I’m happy to say without having to wear two pairs of Spanx and no fishing wire in sight this dress finally fits which means “body be bangin”. Yes I can now say that about myself.

dress: ASOS photo credit: Jill Badlotto

dress: ASOS
photo credit: Jill Badlotto
















ASOS teal open shoulder dress














Even though I haven’t hit my final goal of losing 100 pounds I am feeling pretty good about some of these moments that are happening everyday in between losing 1 pound and 100.

Thank you for you words of encouragement along the way. I need all of the support I can get. Especially when I’m having a tough workout or want to skip a workout all together. So keep your comments coming. Until next time!


3 comments on “Fitting In… to that Dress”

  1. Jenn Reply

    You look amazing, Heidi! It’s such a joy to watch (and read) about your journey. I love this brand and own this piece too….but your red hair makes it look INCREDIBLE! You got this!

    • admin Reply

      Thank you Jenn! That means so much coming from you. Thank you for always being such a wonderful support and of course introducing me to Flywheel 🚴🏻

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