Finding the Right Fit(ness) Routine

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Working out is for everyone but how you do it and when you do it is a personal choice. Like religion everyone has their own beliefs on what works best for them. I have always enjoyed being a part of a team so group fitness is what I naturally gravitate towards. Getting constant cues from the instructor helps me maintain correct form, and gives a coach like motivation that I don’t get when I’m on my own. I also feed off off the energy in the room. I especially like when I take a class where I know a lot of people because it feels like a big party albeit a sweaty party but a party nonetheless.

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For others, working out is the only private time they have so they enjoy being more independent and going for an outdoor run on their own, taking a quiet yoga class, or lifting weights to their own playlist. Training for two marathons and half-marathons gave me both perspectives since I was doing both group runs and solo runs so I can certainly see the appeal of being on your own. I was able to run at my own pace, listen to whatever music I wanted, and stop and take pictures of the gorgeous cityscape that we sometimes take for granted.

Do you prefer a morning workout? A quick lunchtime sweat session? Or are you someone that likes to get that sweat in after a long day at the office?

I have realized that while I have built a routine around going to Shred415 on certain days and times I am more open to varying my routine when it comes to spinning and other activities. Mostly, I have made it my goal to get a workout in at some point in the day and that has helped be consistent and prioritize just how important that time is for my mind and my body. I notice on the days that I work out I am in a better mood, have less anxiety, and feel more confident about myself.

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Whether you’re just starting out, curious about what types of workouts or classes could be right for you, or have a must try class that you think I should try leave me a note in the comments. I have tried a lot of different classes and am always interested in trying something new. I’m always up for a workout date! Make sure you check out my Instagram (@weightingaroundchi) and Snapchat (heidybest) this weekend because I will be posting pictures and stories from World Sport Chicago at House of Blues on Saturday. I will be riding alongside my friend Jill Badlotto (bean and the stalk) Stay tuned!


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