Don’t Be Starving at the Party

I hope everyone had a great weekend and a Happy Mother’s Day for those of you that were celebrating. Between a couple of birthday parties and the Kentucky Derby I had a busy weekend. Thank goodness I had Sunday to recover from it all.

Pretty much everything on my itinerary landed on Saturday so even though I knew it was going to be a long day I still wanted to get a workout in. I knew every party was going to revolve around food and alcohol so fitting in some gym time was a must. Plus busy or not I enjoy that one hour of me time where I can just zone out and sweat.

The first event of the day was an intimate Kentucky Derby party at Pearl Tavern. During the event guests sipped on Prosecco and Mint Juleps while enjoying mini crab cakes and jumbalaya croquettes, as well as other yummy seafood bites.

I don’t know about you but I sometimes find it challenging to be at parties when passed appetizers are on the menu. I either abstain from eating anything or I go bonkers and practically hold the tray myself. This time I tried a different tactic. I picked a number I felt comfortable eating and spread that number out during the party. So instead of depriving myself or, eating every bite in site, I kept a casual running total of what I was having and it worked. Instead of focusing on food for once I was able to have fun with my friends and guests.










After the derby I stopped by the first of two birthday parties. The first birthday party was being held at a home and they had it catered. There was the perfect amount of healthy and slightly less healthy options so it would be super easy to stay on track if I had planned on eating there. But since the next party was a sit down dinner at a restaurant I didn’t feel the need to eat anything and just talked to friends in between dancing and taking pictures in their photbooth.









After saying goodbye to everyone I had just enough time for an outfit change before heading to La Sirena Clandestina. There were 11 of us so there was a family style pre-fixed menu set up in advance. I was a little nervous because the host didn’t take in account anyone’s dietary allergies or restrictions but after looking through what we would be having I noticed a few dishes that I could have so it wasn’t a big deal. (Side note: I would suggest to anyone planning a dinner party to reach out to your guests ahead of time and find out any restrictions or allergies so everyone gets to enjoy the food. Dairy and shellfish allergies are actually pretty common and more and more people don’t eat Pork for religious reasons).

Some of my favorite dishes were the empanadas, kale salad, and grilled steak with chimichurri sauce. The cake was too delicious to resist but it’s not a birthday party without cake right?

Bottom line was I survived a party filled weekend and didn’t not scream when I got on the scale this morning so I would consider that a success. I’d love to hear your party tips and tricks. Do you make one pass to the food table? Do you stand on the opposite side of the room? Do you limit how many cocktails you can have? I’d love to know what works for you so leave your suggestions in the comments below.


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