Celebrating Global Running Day (Who am I?)

How does a girl go from hating running to loving running? How did she go from getting out of running the mile in gym class every year to running marathons, half-marathons, and countless 5-15Ks, not mention takes a treadmill based workout class three times a week?

Honestly I really don’t know how it happened. I remember I wanted to learn how to run a 5K seven or eight years ago and I was having all sorts of issues because I was really overweight at the time. I ended up getting Plantar fasciitis in both feet which felt like knives going into my heels. Getting that diagnosis was ironic considering I was training to run a 5K to lose weight but because I was so overweight my plantar fascia was getting irritated. Needless to say my running days didn’t get off to a great start.

A couple of years later and after focusing on my diet I decided to give running another chance. But instead of learning to run a 5K I decided to train for a couple of half-marathons followed by two marathons. Training for those races still remain some of the best experiences of my life. Running along the lake path and in various neighborhoods, during all times of the day reminded me why I love Chicago so much. The sights, the sounds, and the smells (thank you Big Star) add so many layers of interest to an already enlightening experience.

I should point out that I’m not a fast runner. I have over the years been quite slow, moderately slow, and more recently I am on an upswing of being average. I’m happy with average. It means that on a good day I can keep up with my friends and on a great day I can push myself a little bit harder and meet new ones. Whether I’m running on a treadmill at Shred415, like today (Thanks Tracy!) or running outside I enjoy the challenge.

And what could be better than running in your own city? Lacing up your running shoes in a different one of course. I love fitting in a run when I’m traveling. It’s one of the easiest ways to get a workout in and a great way to view the city you’re visiting. Check out City Running Tours, they have guides in cities nationwide (including Chicago) that offer personalized and group run options to enjoy the city you’re visiting. Their motto is “sweat and sightsee simultaneously”. Traveling abroad? Go! Running Tours offers similar options in various countries around the world.

I’d love to meet up some time and go for a fun run if you’re interested. Hope to see you on the path or on a treadmill soon!


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