Always on the Go (Sound Familiar?)

Yesterday was one of those days where I packed my schedule a little too tight. On days where I have appointments or events planned down to the minute it can be a recipe for disaster. I tend to let my personal engine run on empty and then end up being so ravenous that I make bad food choices. Raiding the refrigerator, clearing out the food pantry, and eventually making a buffet of things to eat so fast that I don’t give myself even a minute to realize that this is not a good idea.

Yesterday I decided to break that cycle and be prepared for a long day in a healthy way. I know this is pretty normal behavior for most of you but remember I was almost 250 pounds less than a year ago so no, this does not come natural to me.

I started my morning with a fun tv segment on You & Me which didn’t require an earlier alarm than I was used to so that made things a little easier. I woke up around 6am and got through my morning routine and headed to the studio. After my segment I had some errands to run before my spinning class so I grabbed a hot tea with honey and lemon for a little boost of energy and got through everything with just enough time to walk into Frank’s class at the start of his warm-up. I hopped on my bike and had an amazing 45 minute ride, nothing to work through, no deep thoughts, just a great ride.

I headed home and had one of my favorite My Fit Foods meals – shredded beef tacos and got to sit down for thirty minutes before I needed to meet my client at Nordstrom to fill in the gaps in her wardrobe. Instead of fading slowly I brought a thinkThin bar to have right before meeting her and I’m so glad I did because that extra boost got me through a three hour appointment and she walked away with some gorgeous new pieces.

I had just enough time to pick up Wrigley from daycare, feed her, and make a quick outfit change before meeting my friend Amanda for dinner. I was fifteen minutes late meeting her but thank goodness she didn’t hold it against me. We tried Imperial Lamian a new Dim Sum place in River North she had heart about. Knowing that I have some food restrictions, Amanda was very considerate when ordering so we were able to share everything. Some of my favorite dishes were the Chinese pickles, green beans with pork, and the pork and shrimp Dim Sum.

I left feeing satisfied but not full and can not wait to go back. Great pick Amanda! I headed home for the night and snuggled with Wrigley and needless to say was passed out a few minutes later.

I woke up this morning feeling refreshed instead of feeling sluggish. I’m looking forward to Phil’s black tie event tomorrow night and I even scheduled a few spinning classes at CycleBar this weekend. I’m looking forward to spinning with Phil before his event.

Spinning at Bucktown

I’m on my way to get some quick food staples so I don’t get off track being away from home this weekend. I’d love to know what your must have items are to get you through those jam packed days or to take with you when you’re traveling so leave your favorites in the comments below. Have a great weekend!


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  1. Ellie Reply

    Cucumbers and hummus have been getting me through my pre-dinner time Metra rides!

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