Vacation Goals

As I started packing my suitcase for sunny California I began trying on my anticipated outfits to make sure I liked what I saw in the mirror. Not one to over pack it’s important that everything I’m bringing fits me and makes me feel good about myself. I have gone on a few trips since August and each time I have felt a little more encouraged about my body. I know all of my hard work over these last seven months has been worth it. It has been worth it not just because I look better in a swimsuit but I’ve even started to take chances with what I wear instead of playing it so safe. For so many years I have encouraged my clients to go out of their comfort zone but have felt like the same rules didn’t apply to me because I was so heavy. I can honestly say that even on vacation I still couldn’t take a break from being self-conscious.

Palm Springs on a bike

This picture was taken the last time I was in Palm Springs (May 2014).

Knowing that this trip was coming up I gave myself a mini goal of hitting 180 pounds on the scale. The jury is still out on whether or not I reach that goal (I’m currently 4 pounds away). I’m so close but I’m going to try really hard to not let that number affect my vacation. I plan on relaxing with my husband for a few days and celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary.

Of course I won’t just be relaxing. We have planned a couple of hikes while we’re in Palm Springs. I’m looking forward to seeing Joshua Tree and the Indian Canyons while we’re in town. Also by coincidence my friend Carla will be in Palm Desert with her family so we made a plan to go spinning at Pedal Spin Studio. As with most vacations it has become important to me to find fun local spots to get a workout in and it’s going to be even more fun getting to get my workouts in with a friend one day and my husband the rest.

Have a trip coming up? I will be sharing some of my must pack items later this week. Until next time!





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