Sorry for What I Said When I was Hungry

Let me be clear: I’ve never described myself as a nice person.  I do enjoy saying hi to people, I like giving compliments, and I love my friends. But I’m tricky, at a moment’s notice for no reason I can instantly get into a bad mood and apparently it’s pretty obvious due to some telling facial expressions.

While sometimes these are earned facial expressions – people can be annoying (even friends, spouses, family members, you get the picture). But I am going to say that majority of the time I’m just hungry and someone I know happens to be standing next to me. It really is that simple.

When those Snickers commercials first came out where characters instantly changed from their hungry personalities back to the people they were normally after eating a Snickers bar a lightbulb went off. I felt like I could star in my own version of that commercial but considered the Godzilla character a great comparison to my hangry personality.

Hangriness (that’s a word right?) is no joke. Everything is fine and I can be having a great time and then the hunger switch gets turned on and almost immediately I am filled with panic and anxiety about when I can eat something. If I’m with my husband fights can ensue. And don’t get me started if we’re hangry at the same time.

In those moments I can make the worst decisions about what I eat and what I say. Recognizing that children barely get away with this behavior so it would be in my best interest to prevent situations like his from happening.

But instead of Snickers bars I make sure to keep a few protein bars in my bag. This way when I’m on the go and I’m nearing the dark side I take a timeout and eat a protein bar.

I’d love to know if you have any secret tips to help you keep your cool in between meals. Leave your suggestions in the comments below. Thanks!


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