Setting Goals and Looking Past the Scale

When I first set a goal to lose 100 pounds I knew it was ambitious but I also knew it was the right amount. Losing 100 pounds would mean that my new weight would be 150 pounds and I can’t tell you the last time I saw that number on the scale. But in order to lose 100 pounds I would first have to lose 1 pound and 99 just like it. Hitting my goal was going to be no small feat so it was going to be important to set a first goal that I could meet shortly after starting this journey.

After thinking it over I decided to set my first goal at losing 10 pounds (again a nice round number and a little short of losing 5% of my body weight). Every morning I would get on the scale to see where I was starting my day based on what I ate and how I exercised the day before. I know there are different schools of thought about how often you should weigh yourself but for me it helps to understand what goes into losing and even gaining weight. On the days that I did a lot of cardio I would notice a bigger dip on the scale while on the days I went to Yoga or Ballet Burn the number on the scale wouldn’t move an inch. While that lack of change on those days could be a little discouraging I tried to look on the bright side which was that after doing those types of low-impact classes I wouldn’t be as hungry.

I started paying attention to how I was feeling during those first few weeks of my new regimen and noticed a couple of other things along the way. On days I was busy with clients I didn’t really think about food however on the days I was working from home I couldn’t walk past the refrigerator without taking something out. And the next day sure enough the number would read larger than the day before. Did that mean in order to lose weight I would have to stay away from my own house?

The truth is I will always have trigger foods, times of days, and environments that trip me up and in order to achieve my goal and more importantly maintain it I have to start looking at things a little differently and that includes the scale. I am slowly chipping away at my current mini goal (reaching 180 pounds) and let me tell you the scale and I are not on amazing terms at the moment but on the bright side I am learning to look past the scale and looking forward to things beyond weight. I am encouraged by the fact that no matter where I’m at in my goal setting that I enjoy a great workout and that I have the ability in my life to get a great workout in everyday. I’m also enjoying sharing my progress including my struggles and hope you are too. Until next time!


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