Hitting Reset

I had a great weekend in Nashville but it feels good to be home. I have to be honest I fell off the wagon while I was out of town. Not only did I not work out but I legit ate pretty much everything that was offered my way. Needless to say I am going to avoid the scale this week. As curious as I am to see what I did to myself this weekend I don’t want to feel worse and I don’t want to stay in this moment any longer than I have to.

I am sitting at Shred415 right now and calculating in my head if it’s possible to burn 5000 calories in a single workout.

In these situations I have been known to regress, say fuck it and just continue eating everything in sight. As much fun as that would be the euphoric feeling only lasts as long as I’m shoveling food in my mouth and leaves me with a ton of guilt when I come up for air.

So instead of throwing myself a pity party (with cake obviously) I am just going to hit reset and get back into my routine starting with a killer workout this morning.

Also I have got to eat my vegetables. I have been avoiding them like the plague. So if anyone has any suggestions on how to work these into my daily routine I am all ears. And of course if anyone wants to meet up on the 606 for a run/walk or take a class together leave me a note in the comments section below. Until next time!



photo credit: Jill Badlotto of www.beanandthestalk.com

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