Playing a Little Game of Self-Sabotage

With 6 days to go until Phil’s cousin Amy’s wedding it is time to reconfirm my goal (or mini goal) of reaching 175 pounds by Sunday.

I have been sitting at 180 pounds for a few weeks now. I’m playing a little game I like to call self-sabotage. For those of you not familiar with this game it’s when things are going well so you decide to get in your own way by making unwise decisions. In my case those decisions would be overindulging in foods that I know are keeping me from this goal and my overall goal of losing 100 pounds.

So for the next week it’s goodbye Halo Top and Amy’s organic candy bars – we’re taking a little break. I have a pretty pink dress I want to look great in and since you are not going to help me you can only hurt my chances of fitting in to it on Sunday.

What are your eating weaknesses? How do you keep from overindulging in them? Is it that you are not buying those items in the first place? Or is it that you have mastered the art of making good choices and eating those foods in moderation? Let me know in the comments. Thanks!


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