Pins & Needles

When I was about six years old I was running barefoot in the grass and stepped on a woodchip. After my mom’s friend pulled out the offending woodchip everyone thought the hard part was over. Fast forward to a few weeks later I stopped walking and regressed to crawling to get around. At first I think my mom thought I was being dramatic but she took me to the doctor’s office just to be safe. I ended up getting diagnosed with an extremely rare bone infection called Osteomyelitis. After surgery and a six-week stay at the local children’s hospital getting poked and prodded I was released and vowed to never run outside barefoot ever again.

I don’t remember a lot from that experience other that the needles – but there were a lot of needles. Any time I would have to get a vaccination or a simple blood draw even years later I would have so much anxiety it would send me into a tailspin. So the fact that I am now going in for weekly acupuncture appointments is a testament to how focused on the healing process I am. Ok and maybe because the needles are super thin and are completely unlike syringes.

I am grateful for my weekly appointments with my acupuncturist. She was referred to me by a friend who said that she has a ton of clients like me that have gone on to have healthy pregnancies with her assistance. During our time together I get to unplug and listen to her relaxing playlist and while she’s adding needles to specific points I can feel my stress reducing and feel a stillness that I don’t even experience when I’m asleep.

If you haven’t tried acupuncture as a method of therapy or pain relief I would highly recommend it. I’ve used it in the past for neck and back relief and have a lot of friends that have used it for migraine pain. I’ve never been a big medicine user myself so using natural methods as a way to feel better is a great resource for me. I highly recommend it.


On a side note thank you to everyone that continues to reach out on a daily basis. Your support means the world to me.




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