My go-to snacks

Unlike most people I know my office and workdays are in flux. On any given day I start with a morning sweat session, followed by working with clients on organizing their wardrobe, shopping, and/or getting ready for upcoming shoots and tv segments. I spend a lot of time in transit so I don’t always have time to have a traditional meal for breakfast or lunch. Since most days I work out in the morning I have found that quick but meaningful snacks really get me through until dinnertime when I get to enjoy a home-cooked meal courtesy of my husband. Here are a few of my favorite snacks that help me stay on track during the week.

  1. Brown rice cake with mashed avocado¬† – Thanks for this easy snack Bonnie! I recently started having this for breakfast or a quick afternoon snack and love it. It’s so simple but does the trick. I just came across a slightly different variation from Fit Girl Code that mixes hummus and avocado and looks super yummy.
  2. Gimme More Chicken Snack from My Fit Foods – I was introduced to My Fit Foods in January (read about my Splash Fit Challenge) and have since enjoyed incorporating their meals and snacks into my daily routine. This snack in particular is an easy one to pack and really tasty. The chicken salad has dried cranberries and tarragon and is served with celery sticks and almond nut crackers, all for 200 calories
  3. Oatmega Bars – I was introduced to Oatmega Bars at My Fit Foods and quickly became addicted. These gluten-free bars have 14 grams of protein, only 5 grams of sugar, are non-gmo, and come in a wide variety of flavors (my favorite is the chocolate mint crisp). I will eat 1/2 a bar before my workout and finish the rest after class. I make sure I keep an extra one in my bag at all times just in case. They are a life saver and I enjoyed learning about their company’s mission which includes advocacy and giving back along with their business model: Heart first. Business second. Nutrition Shared.

I’d love to learn what snacks helps get you through the day so please share any recipes or brands in the comments section below. Until next time!


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  1. Danielle Reply

    I’m specifically bought rice cakes and avocado to try out that snack this week! Just need my avocado to ripen up!

  2. Phil Reply

    I need to dust off the old digital SLR, so you can start taking some pics of stuff and adding them here!

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