Finding Balance

Does anyone have trouble trying to find balance in their life? I know I do. Not just with being healthy but life in general. I think we as women take on a lot at once and before we know it we forgot to eat or check in with ourselves and make sure that we’re not running on E.

I love waking up early and no matter what time my alarm clock is set for I wake up at least a half hour earlier. I try and pick up around the house or get a load of laundry done and then I’m out the door with a protein bar jammed in my mouth ready for whatever class I am taking. Showering at the gym again I’m running out the door to get through errands that my husband is convinced I’ve made up – does everyone’s husband think that?

If I’m not meeting a client I’m preparing for one, whether it’s picking up hangers, clothes, accessories etc I’m usually driving from one end of the city to the next with very little time in between. On the days I’m commuting to the suburbs I’m in the car longer. I feel like once I get home I have nothing left to give. Thank God Phil loves to cook so I do t have to worry about making dinner but it’s gotten to the point where I don’t even have the energy to be his sous chef. I am still CDW (chief dish washer) so hopefully that helps a little bit.

I think the problem is that I have set my daily routine to be in flux so when I have time on my hands I don’t know what to do. If I’m at home I just shut down. I rewatch the same movies or shows that I’ve seen 100 times. I raid the refrigerator or pantry and go back to old bad habits. I need to start finding a better way to manage my time that’s for sure. So I’m curious – how do you find the balance in your life? Because I must admit I am struggling a little bit with finding the balance in mine. As always leave your tips and suggestions in the comments section below. You know I love hearing from you. Thanks!


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