Bad Bunny

As you may know I have been on a mission to lose 100 pounds since August. I’m currently down 70 pounds and while I know that’s a lot of weight it still seems like I have so far to go. And because I am notorious for self-sabotaging it makes me nervous that I won’t reach my goal or more importantly maintain my goal weight.

There are some habits that I’ve cultivated over many years so it’s not as easy as you may think to just overcome them.

Since I was little I have craved sugar and can turn into a kid at Halloween when candy is around. I know it can be as simple as not buying it but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t creep into my house anyways. Last weekend I made my husband the smallest of Easter baskets and true to form I ate half of what I gave him. Happy Easter?

Typically in these situations when I know I’ve done something not so healthy I’ll just give up for the day and keep eating bad. But I figured that if what I really wanted to do was eat candy I could have it but I would have to refrain from going off the deep end and binge eating just for the sake of eating. I was also mindful that I should probably have something light for dinner to counter what I did earlier so I ordered chicken and vegetable ramen minus the noodles (a new favorite dish).

That was an improvement compared to past behavior. But I will say this – once I’ve had a taste of sugar the next few days can be really tough. During this feeling of withdrawal I tend to crave it even more and look for various hiding spots in our house to see if maybe there is some residual candy left anywhere. Yeah I’m kind of a junkie that way.

Alas yesterday I found an Amy’s organic candy bar (1 package is 30g of sugar) hiding in our pantry and ate it as soon as I could unwrap it. Again I told myself to not freak but then I was going to need to tighten up at dinner. I ended up having small a cup of soup and a small sushi roll.

I woke up today and the first thing I did was weigh myself to check the damage I did yesterday. Surprisingly I lost weight. Maybe because I had a hard spinning class earlier in the day. Maybe because I had a lot of water. I have no idea. But one thing is for sure I’m going to need some suggestions on how to manage my sugar addiction. Please leave me some recipes or tips in the comments section. I have appreciated your previous suggestions so keep them coming. Thanks!


3 comments on “Bad Bunny”

  1. Danielle Reply

    Lemon water always helped me – it has enough sweet in it to help with sugar cravings. Also if I’m really needing something sweet I try to go for fruit instead – maybe a new fruit I don’t normally buy like kiwi or pineapple – then at least I’m getting natural sugar and not refined.

  2. M Reply

    I’m not a sugar person … I go for the pizza, chips, salty stuff. Honestly I think you handled the situation perfectly. You wanted candy, had some but didn’t blow the day. You should be able to indulge as long as it something you want to eat because it taste good and not for an emotional reason, which it didn’t sound like that’s why you had candy. You don’t need to be so strict with your diet, food is good. It makes us healthy, happy, nourishes us. Nothing happens overnight.. you are doing an amazing job! Thanks for sharing!

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