Are Compliments the New Black?

Have you ever walked into a party and before you could say “hello” women were coming up to you and saying how much they liked your dress, or your new haircut, or that you look so “skinny”? How did you feel when this happened? How do you feel when it doesn’t happen?

Do you get dressed in the morning in a certain outfit because you like it or because everyone else does? I’ll admit that I get dressed that way even down to what I wear to the gym. It’s exhausting and that’s before the actual workout.

I think right now that I’m in weight loss mode I’m getting a lot of compliments specific to my weight. Very specific. As in “your waist is so tiny” (it’s not), or your face is so thin (not quite). I have to admit at first it made me feel good to get my hard work validated but now I’m starting to feel a little bit of anxiety getting to the next level.

Don’t get me wrong I love compliments. Who doesn’t? And I love giving them. Helping someone feel better about herself is always a good idea. But in a society that’s so obsessed with youth, weight, and appearance I sometimes wonder what we need more – to look good or to hear that we look good?

Aren’t we more interesting than just our looks? I am surrounded by the most talented and capable women and while they are all physically beautiful it’s what they do on a daily basis that I’m blown away by. Which brings me to my next question: what is the best compliment you’ve received that had nothing to do with your appearance? Leave your favorite compliment in the comments section below. Have a great weekend!



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